The Synagogue

The white synagogue in Capernaum

The white synagogue in Capernaum was the first building on which archaeologists focused their investigations and was brought to light beginning with the first excavations in 1905, followed by those of Father Gaudenzio Orfali in 1921. In 1969 the Franciscans Corbo and Loffredo undertook renewed investigations of the synagogue. Their excavations, carried out in stages over a thirteen year period, involved twenty-three trenches opened both inside and outside the synagogue.

1 - The results have led to a revision in the dating of the synagogue’s construction, which is now assigned to the fifth century rather than to the second or third century as had been proposed after the earlier excavations.

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2 -The investigations also sought to establish the location of the synagogue constructed by the centurion and frequented by Jesus. The new excavations uncovered structures belonging to older buildings that were later replaced by the fifth century synagogue.

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