The City of Jesus

James Tissot, 1836-1902 Una donna piange in mezzo alla folla

“A Cafarnao la casa del principe degli apostoli è stata trasformata in chiesa: le sue pareti restano ancora oggi come erano una volta. Là il Signore guarì il paralitico. Là c’è anche la sinagoga in cui il Signore sanò l’indemoniato.”
Pietro Dacono (sec. XII) testo attribuito a Egeria (sec. IV).

Capernaum, together with the whole lake, is a particular place of grace. It is the Galilean village most frequently visited and served by Jesus. Here Jesus selected his disciples and called them to him one by one, making them witness to his own greatness through his life and his works. Here Jesus announced the Holy Eucharist with his discourse in the synagogue on the Bread of Life.
Jesus lived here his daily life; here is where he took the decision to reside in the house of his disciple Peter, where he met his apostles, where he was sought by all those who wanted to receive his grace and healing from his own hands. Peter’s house became a new meeting point, the center of a new community that was established around him, after the rejection he had twice received in the synagogue.
Jesus always returned to Capernaum after his voyages in Galilee, a sign of how much he loved living in this city and making it the center of his mission.

Those who come from all parts of the world to visit this holy place, and do so with courage and humility, receive a gift of joy and serenity, immersing themselves in a natural environment of great beauty.
In the spirit of the pilgrims the miracle can be renewed, as if they were there in person among the multitude who followed him and listened to him.

The Lake

The lake and the city of Jesus