Burcardo da Monte Sion (c. 1220-dopo 1285)

Descriptio Terrae Santae,1283

Burcardo, born in Germany in about the year 1220, was a Dominican who lived for approximately ten years on Mount Zion, from which his honorary name derives. During this period he traveled widely throughout Palestine, and has left us his testimony in the form of his Descriptio Terrae Sanctae which represents one of the most beautiful descriptions of this Land during the Crusader era. The text contains a brief reference to Capernaum:

A league distant from this place, towards the east, is Capernaum, which at one time was very famous but today is without importance; it has only seven houses belonging to poor fishermen. There the word of Jesus came true: And you, Capernaum, which are exalted to heaven, shall be thrust down to hell.
Two leagues from there the river Jordan enters the Sea of Galilee; beyond, on its banks can still be seen the ruins of the city of Chorazin.

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