Antonio del Castillo (17th century)

El devoto pellegrino y viage in Tierra Sancta, 1654

Antonio del Castillo, a Franciscan friar from Spain and Guardian of Bethlehem, was the author of El devoto peregrino y viaje de Tierra Santa, published in Madrid in 1654. The text provides a detailed account of the places he visited, with topographical and relief maps for the most important monuments in the Holy Land. There is a brief passage mentioning Capernaum in a rather vague manner, which can be attributed to the fact that by this time memory of the site had been lost:

“Near this sea is the famous city of Tiberias: but today it is destroyed, one sees great ruins and only a few houses. Not far from Tiberias, about a mile away, are the famous baths cited by Adrichomius; I saw them and was in them. There are also the towns of Capernaum and Chorazin. In Capernaum our Lord worked many miracles and converted St. Matthew. It was the town most visited and preferred by Christ, to such a point that the inhabitants of Nazareth, who were jealous, said to him: Quanta audivimus facta in Capharnaum, fac &c. (Whatever we have heard done in Capernaum, do [here also]).”